School Bus carrying students rear-ends pickup truck near Columbus

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COLUMBUS, Neb.-- Emergency crews transported four people to Columbus Community Hospital after a school bus collided with a pickup on Monday afternoon.

According to Platte County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Kevin Schuller, a school bus full of students from Shell Creek Elementary was heading west on 83rd St. when it struck a pickup, carrying five passengers, that was stopped and waiting to turn into the Lake North entrance.

“The school bus driver was dealing with the kids, and he looked up and saw the truck was stopped,” Schuller explains. “He just couldn’t get stopped in time.”

Schuller adds that three of the passengers in the Chevy Avalanche were taken to Columbus Community Hospital by ambulance, while a fourth was taken later taken as a precautionary measure. The first woman transported suffered the most severe injuries.

“They wanted to get her out of there quick, and they did, precautionary as well. The rest of them [passengers that were transported] were talking and conscious, they had some cuts and things, the one might have been a little more serious than that.”

Following the collision the elementary students were all accounted for and safe.

“I asked if any of them were hurt and they said ‘no.’ They all raised their hand to talk and they were fine, “Schuller says. “Nobody appeared to even be too shaken up. That’s why we kept them on the bus.”

The students were transported from the scene in vans to Lakeview high school.