Officers work on school zone safety

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) -- Distracted driving is a major contributor to traffic deaths, it’s no wonder that last year’s spike in traffic deaths was the biggest in the last fifty years.

As kids are increasingly getting to school on foot, bike, and bus, it’s on us to take responsibility for their safety when driving near schools.

Here is how Nebraska and other counties ranked in Zendrive's list:

In Nebraska our overall rating was a C+ rating which is a 28 out of 51
Lancaster county scored a D- rating with a score of 38 out of 39
Seward county scored a A- rating with a score of 14 out of 39
Saline county scored a C+ rating with a score of 27 out of 39

According to Lincoln Police roughly one in every 11 public schools nationwide is within 500 feet of roads with heavy traffic like highways, putting nearly 4.4 million students in danger.

"Parents should spend a little more time in the morning planning their day so they can leave early if they are dropping off kids to school, they need to remember that their are also other kids that are being dropped off," said Sergeant Michael Muff.

If you receive a ticket for speeding in a school zone you will have to pay the price.

Driving 6-10 over the speed limit is a twenty dollar fine, driving 11-15 over the speed limit is a seventy five dollar fine, driving 16-20 over the speed limit is a one hundred and twenty five dollar fine, and driving 21-35 over is a two hundred dollar fine.