School officials address threat to G.I.P.S.

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) The Grand Island Senior High School students were threatened via a social media message.
Police and school officials investigated and found the threat to be a hoax.

Police say the students at Grand Island Senior High School were never in any real danger.
The incident was investigated and the threat was found to be a hoax.
Tips of the threat came in Thursday night around 10 P.M.
They say a Snapchat message insinuated it was unsafe for students to attend Grand Island Senior High School today.
Because of the immediate tips and early action, by this morning police and school officials were able to make the decision that it was safe for students to go to class.

Capt. Jim Duering, Grand Island Police Department says,"
"The first thing we did was contact the citizens, look at the Snapchat message and try and make a determination as to where it came from. It was pretty apparent that the original message had come from outside of the state of Nebraska and had no legitimate links to the Grand Island Public School System."

The incident while a hoax is still being investigated. School officials say if there is any connection to a local student, they could face suspension, expulsion or even criminal charges.

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