Scooters offers cold brew in a can

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN)- An exciting new option for caffeine lovers, Scooters is offering cold brew in a can.

(Source: Nicole Griffith)

The new brews are now in Omaha and Lincoln Locations and will be available nationally on July 8. The Locally owned shop has 3 flavors; Guatemala, Costa Rica Micro-Mill and Scooter Doodle. These Three flavors are unsweetened and do not contain any cream or sugar.

"We've always had cold brew, but there has been a demand for cold brew in a can,” said Jason Metcalf, Scooters Manager. “You can sell them in grocery stores or gas stations, and a lot of people can't take it to go if they're going on a camping trip or a sporting event and they can load up with these, and it's these and it's the same product we offer in the store."

Scooters says these cans are just the beginning of new products that will be released this year.