Scott Middle school music teacher wins Scottish Rite Distinguished Teacher Award

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - After more than four decades in the classroom, an LPS teacher is being honored for extraordinary work.

Jacque Rush was awarded the Scottish Rite Distinguished Teacher Award. (Source: Mackenzie Huck)

Jacque Rush was awarded the Scottish Rite Distinguished Teacher Award. She has taught instrumental music at Scott Middle School since it opened in 1996.

Rush is the 55th distinguished teacher, a title she says she didn't ever expect to have.

"This is the most humbling experience that I have ever had because I know some of the other teachers who have had this award and it's like the first band director who has ever gotten it, and so it is just totally amazing," Rush said.

Rush's co-workers nominated her, saying she has high expectations for students and for herself as a teacher. They say her passion and energy are evident every single day.

She jokes that she thought the award was only for science teachers, so she was shocked when she found out she won.

"It was at the 6th grade band concert," Rush said. "They said, 'Hold on, we're going to have a presentation for the Scottish Rite award,' and I thought, 'Why would they have that science teacher award at the band concert?' And I was also thinking, 'No, no presentation. I don't need this concert to go more than an hour!'"

Rush was given the award and the accompanying $7,500 cash prize on Friday.

"I'm just so humbled at how many people came out to this ceremony, and on a Friday afternoon, right before Thanksgiving," Rush said. "It was just so wonderful to see everyone and have them there."

Rush also thanked Scott Middle School, Lincoln Public Schools and her students, because she said the award would not be possible without them.