Search for next Nebraska head coach begins

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) -- On Saturday morning, Mike Riley and his staff were informed that they were no longer employed at Nebraska.

Nebraska Athletic Director Bill Moos met with Riley and his staff before meeting with the players to inform them of his decision. Trent Bray, the linebackers coach, was named the interim coach, but the rest of the staff was not retained.

Now, fans and players are left to wait and wonder who could be the next head coach of the Huskers.

At his press conference Saturday afternoon, Moos was asked about one potential candidate to replace Riley: Scott Frost.

Here's what Moos had to say:

"Well, Scott Frost is a very good football coach. He's in the heat of trying to win a conference championship, he's obviously a Nebraskan and he's getting a lot of attention from several other schools. Scott is someone that I am considering, but I'm being very sensitive to the fact that he's still coaching a team and he's having a heck of a run. I saw the very end of his game last night from my suite here and that kickoff return, that was pretty special. But, I've never said I'm going after Scott Frost. A lot of other people have, and I can let you read my emails sometime that I should be going after Scott Frost, but you know what, that's a tribute to Nebraskans. He's one of ours, played for us, he's gone on and paid his dues and he's got a good job that I believe he really likes, but he's got a lot of interest in him right now."

Moos was later asked if Frost is his priority, to which he responded, "I don't have a priority right now."

Frost is currently the coach at the University of Central Florida.

Moos said he's currently got a list of six coaches that he's considering as options to replace Riley, though he didn't name any specifically.

Moos also said during his afternoon press conference that he's looking for a coach with major (FBS) coach experience and someone who likely would be able to work with the current roster, rather than completely shifting schemes.

Moos did not give a timeline for when the next Nebraska head football coach might be named, but said that they're now in a full-fledged search for the next head coach.