Second Chance Pups gives dogs and inmates a chance for a new beginning

(Source: 1011 NOW)
(Source: 1011 NOW)(KOLNKGIN)
Published: Nov. 5, 2019 at 5:39 PM CST
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Tony and Laurie Chapp of Lincoln love their dogs.

"Reno, he's full of energy..and Shelby, she's pretty laid back now," said Tony.

Reno and Shelby sit, stay, heel and more.

They learned all these tricks behind concrete walls and barbed wire fences at the Nebraska State Penitentiary, through a program called Second Chance Pups.

"We take shelter dogs that are having trouble being adopted and place them with inmate handlers for nine weeks of obedience training," said Melissa Ripley with Second Chance Pups.

Tuesday, six dogs started their training. The dogs come from as close as a rescue in Lincoln to as far as the streets of Mexico.

Casey Collamore, an inmate, just got assigned his tenth dog, Gus.

"This is fantastic," Collamore said. "Being someone who is hopefully going to get a second chance one of these days, I feel like we're in the same boat."

Gus will live with Casey and they'll work on training every day.

"The goal is for the dog to be a family friendly dog," Collamore said.

The goal for the inmates is to learn new skills and to give back to the community, to take charge of their own second chance.

"To keep myself out of trouble from falling back into same cycle of running around with drugs," Collamore said.

The cherry on top of all this is the moment when the dogs not only get a home, but a family.

More than 450 dogs have gone through the program since it started in 2004. To learn how to adopt a Second Chance Pup,