Second grader's lemonade stand for good

LINCOLN, Neb. It may be June but one Lincoln girl is already thinking about Christmas. Not her own gifts, but about helping others.

Madalynn Stuck's donation jar at her lemonade stand

Madalynn Stuck just finished 2nd grade but she’s already making a big difference.

Friday she hosted a lemonade stand to help other kids her own age.

“Today we are doing a lemonade stand and a garage sale to help raise money for Santa Cop,” said Stuck.

Her goal was to raise $250 dollars for the program, a number she is already on the path to topping.

“Santa Cop is fun and it is really special,” said Stuck. “For kids who might not normally get presents for Christmas. They get presents from the Santa Cop program and it just makes me really happy that they do that.”

Madalynn’s send grade teacher Mrs.Griess stopped by for a glass and to catch up with the girls. She says giving back is something she stresses in the classroom.

“This is my crew, they inspire me and they do such amazing things,” said Griess. “We talk all the time about doing things for our community, one person came make the difference and one idea can make all the difference and that’s exactly what they do."

Madalynn has a history of helping others. For her birthday she handed out flowers to patients at Tabitha and last summer her stand was to buy lunch for a fire station. She says its something she will continue to do as she gets older.

“We’re gonna drop off our donations as soon as possible,” said Stuck. “For me it’s helpful and it’s kind to other people.”

Madalynn will be hosting her lemonade stand all weekend long near Vine Street and Skyway Road.