Sen. Kintner: "Everything you say can and will be used against you"

Published: Jan. 25, 2017 at 8:47 AM CST
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Nebraska State Sen. Bill Kintner is resigning from the legislature. Borrowing from Richard Nixon he said at a news conference Wednesday morning, 'You won't have Bill Kintner to kick around anymore.'

Kintner addressed a controversy at the news conference that had fellow lawmakers calling for his ouster from the legislature.

His resignation will go into effect on Jan. 30, at 12: 01 a.m.

Wednesday night when our sister station WOWT asked Sen. Kintner if he had any regrets about retweeting the tweet or opening up his laptop, he responded, "I certainly have regrets. A lot of things I can do better. A lot of things I can say better. And that’s life."

He also said, "Everything you say can and will be used against you, and every time you make a mistake they're going to beat the living tar out of you. They're going to pick you up and wack you on the head. They're going to take it for all the political gain they can get. It's a blood sport game and that's why people don't like politics."

Colleagues and constituents called for his resignation on the floor of the legislature on Tuesday.

Kintner had already been under fire for using a state computer to engage in cybersex with a woman.

The latest issue involved a retweet suggesting that demonstrators at last weekend's women's march weren't attractive enough to be sexually assaulted.

Regarding the controversial tweet, Sen. Kate Bolz said, "This is an issue about the protection and safety of women."

Sen. Carol Blood said, "Please, please, please let us get our work done and please stop making jokes that pertain to women and their bodies."

Kintner told reporters Wednesday that he is a fighter and that he had received many messages asking him not to resign but he then said, "It is time to step away from the legislature."

Governor Pete Ricketts issued a statement following the news of Sen. Kintner's resignation. He says the following:

“Senator Kintner did the right thing. I will move swiftly to fill the vacancy created by this resignation, so the people of District Two have a voice.”

District Two consists of Cass County as well as portions of Sarpy and Otoe Counties. The Governor’s Office will begin immediately accepting applications to fill the District Two vacancy.