Sensory friendly child care center for children with special needs

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LINCOLN, Neb. – Heart In Hands Developmental Center is a child care center near 33rd and "O" St. Kristi Layman is the director and specializes in caring for children with special needs.

"One thing is the color on the walls it's a calming relaxing color, our goal is to keep things very minimalistic in the center too much stuff overwh elms children which leads to different negative behaviors," she said.
She started the center because one of her son's has autism.

Katheryn Palmer has been bringing her 11-year-old son Brady to the center for a year and a half.

"He's running he's touching, he's busy and he's exhausting," said Palmer.

Before Heart in Hands she said she tried four other daycares.
"They don't know how to deal with the meltdowns, either they're not equipped or they're not willing to," she said.

She said she was being called so often she even thought at one point she'd have to give up her job.

"I never know what personality he's going to have when he wakes up in the morning and neither does she and just knowing that there's a place that I can send him where I don't have to worry if I'm going to get a phone call every half hour about what's going on," said Palmer.

Layman cares for a handful of kids right now and is in the process of getting her license. After that she said she'll have 15 kids and is working on expanding. She hopes to take on more services like therapists and volunteers.