Sentinels of the Prairie

In far northeast Nebraska, you'll find a memorable display of vintage windmills at the entrance to a local landfill.

This roadside attraction got started as an effort by the owner of the L.P. Gill landfill to beautify the entrance to his business. It apparently all began when owner Leonard Gill bought a caboose at an auction. "He met a gentleman from Carroll, Nebraska that had several windmills sitting in a barn as a collection," Leonard's grandson Anthony Gill said. "The two discussed a deal as far as buying the windmills, and it's been a long project over the years."

A good chunk of the windmills do come from a single collection, but there are others that come from other places. "There's one from Texas," Anthony said. "That's unique because there are only one or two in the country that still have their metal parts. There was actually a windmill museum in Texas that really wanted that windmill, but we apparently wanted it a bit more up here for our collection."

There are more than 20 windmills in the collection. They are referred to as the "Sentinels of the Prairie". The attraction is now showcased in tourism information, and visitors are more than welcome to come and tour the site. The windmills also feature signs that talk about the history of each one. There is also antique farm equipment on display for people to view. Be sure to drive just a couple of miles outside Jackson to see this roadside gem.