Serving up activities for kids during spring break

LINCOLN, Neb. --- With most local schools out on spring break Cedars is taking on a lot of extra care this week. They want to give those kids something to do, but it's not that easy.

With LPS out on spring break Cedars say it'll serve around 700 kids.
The majority of the kids in their care are in foster homes.
The organization wants to give each student a fun spring break experience, but they need your help.

Cedars tries to have one outing a day.
They are mainly looking for activities for teenagers.
These activities include movie and zoo passes, Husker game tickets or restaurant gift cards.
Organizers say that a lot of these kids have been through difficult and scary situations, so they feel isolated.
Organizers add that any little bit helps.

"As parents know kids sitting around in a house without anything to do is not a good recipe, so we try to get kids engaged, energized and meeting the wonderful people of our community," says Jim Blue Cedars President.

Blue says it's exciting for the kids to get out and about.
He says it makes the kids feel like they aren't alone.

The organization is always in need of volunteers.
If you'd like to donate tickets or your time you can visit cedars pioneers blvd and 66th St. location.