Several Lincoln restaurants issued food enforcement notices

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2650 Superior St, Lincoln
Health inspectors say the restaurant was serving 12-day-old chili. They say the restaurant’s refrigerator wasn’t keeping its meatballs cool enough. Inspectors also found mold on the ice machine shield.

4501 N 27th St, Lincoln
Health inspectors cited iHop with 12 violations, four of which were repeats. Some of the issues included dirty utensils and not keeping food at cool enough temperatures.

1111 O St #211, Lincoln
Health inspectors threw out Skymart's taco meat and cheese after inspectors say its temperature reached the "danger zone." The owner of Skymart told 1011 Now they have fixed all the issues and have passed their most recent inspection.

El Potrero Mexican Restaurant
247 N 8th St, Lincoln
Health inspectors wrote up El Potrero Mexican Restaurant for holding rice at the wrong temperature. The restaurant also got in trouble for keeping spray bottles above food on a shelf and not labeling the spray bottles.

House of Hunan
2401 N 48th St, Lincoln
According to the report, health inspectors wrote up House of Hunan for not keeping its beef cool enough in the refrigerator. The restaurant was also cited for employees not having current food handler permits.

Country Inn & Suites
5353 N 27th St, Lincoln
Health inspectors say they issued a food enforcement notice to Country Inn & Suites because the business did not measure any sanitizer in the dish machine. This was a repeat violation. Another repeat violation involved an employee not having a current food handler permit.

Chili’s Grill & Bar
6730 S 27th St, Lincoln
Health inspectors wrote up Chili’s Grill & Bar for not cleaning grill utensils enough and not keeping gravy at a cool enough temperature. The restaurant was also written up for two cooks not having the appropriate permits.