Severe Weather Awareness Week: Thunderstorms

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - We continue Severe Weather Awareness Week in Nebraska today. Tuesday’s topic is Thunderstorms.

Across the Great Plains and Midwest, we see all kinds of thunderstorms. While severe thunderstorms often get the most attention, it’s important to remember that ALL Thunderstorms are dangerous because they have lightning with them. In fact, lightning can strike 10-15 miles away from its parent thunderstorm, so even clear skies overhead don’t mean you are safe. If you can hear thunder, it is time to get inside! “When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors!”

A thunderstorm becomes severe when it has at least one of the following: winds of 58 MPH or greater, hail of 1” in diameter or greater (quarter sized), or a tornado.

Many times, you’ll hear us refer to common objects when talking about hail sizes and we’ll compare the two. Some more commonly used ones are quarter sized hail which is ~1” in diameter, golf ball sized hail which is ~1.75” in diameter, and tennis ball sized which is ~2.5”.

Make sure you are always paying attention to the latest forecast so you know if severe weather will be threatening your area. If a warning is issued, seek safe shelter immediately and then seek further information once you are safe.