Seward Pig Collection

A collector in Seward is the proud owner of 3,000 pigs.

Myrna Swanson began collecting pigs in 1986 for fun. It's a collection 30 years in the making. She's been married for 62 years to her husband Jack, and he doesn't have a problem with the collection!

"I have a lot of stuffed ones, I have a set of pig dishes, we have several pig cookie jars," Myrna said. "One year for Christmas we got 50 pigs from difference places."

Myrna's living room is full of pigs, but so is the kitchen, two bedrooms, and even the basement. "I take a feather duster every now and then and hit some of the pigs, but otherwise, they are just there." She has counted them, and that's why she knows she has 3,000 of them.

Visitors are welcome to come to the Swanson's home to see the collection. Sometimes Myrna welcomes school children to see it. "One little boy looked in a bedroom and said, 'Holy Moly, there's a lot of pigs in here!" Myrna said.