Seward couple gets pine tree stolen from front yard

(Source: KOLN).
Published: Dec. 3, 2019 at 9:47 PM CST
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During this time of year, it's considered the season of giving.

But right now, one Seward couple is left wondering who and why someone would take a pine tree from their front yard.

The pine trees that fill the Codr's yard is something they've put a lot of time and effort into over the last few years.

"Worked hard, watered, a lot of late nights just to keep them alive in the beginning,” said Ryan Codr.

Getting them to where they are this year wasn't easy.

But over the weekend, the hard work was taken from them.

The couple says it was just like any other normal day, walking their new puppy.

Until they got to their tree line and noticed a tree was missing.

"I had to do a double-take, I couldn't believe it was missing! Now every time I stand back a bit and look at the tree line you can see the gap clear as day,” said Codr.

A big hole now sits in the middle of their line of trees.

The couple called the police, who were confused themselves, and said they've never heard of something like this.

Now, they've posted on Facebook, reaching out to see if anyone knows who may have done this.

They say whoever stole the tree, was lacking the holiday spirit.

"if they were in need and wanted a good Christmas for their family or kids, there are a lot of good charities who can hook you up with gifts,” said Malynn Codr.

They've now looked into replacing the tree with a similar one, but that comes with a big price tag.

"The quote I got for replacing just this one tree, is going to be about one thousand dollars,” said Codr.

Codr says even if it was an accident, they just want to know who did it.

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