ShelterMe Nebraska helps domestic abuse victims and their pets

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Sam Franklin is a graduate of Lincoln High School, "I started it because I was a victim of abuse and I had to leave my animals with my abuser until she moved out of my house. I couldn't check on them, I couldn't see how they were doing. It was bad, it was horrible actually."

It was that traumatic situation in 2012 that inspired Sam to found ShelterMe in 2014. Sam explains, "ShelterMe is a foster organization for victims of domestic violence to house their animals while they get out of violence, while they get their lives back together. We foster them for as long as they need us to, we pay for everything, cause they leave with nothing."

Sam says ShelterMe has helped about 20 animals so far, "The abuser uses them to coerce the victim into returning again. So when we take them we put them in a secure foster home where nobody knows where they're being fostered but me and the foster parents. And we keep them safe that way."

Sam is also the founder of a very successful non-profit called Lost Pets of Lancaster County.

If you'd like to donate to either or both of these organizations, Sam has facebook pages for Lost Pets of Lancaster County and ShelterMe Nebraska. The number for ShelterMe Nebraska is 402-370-6874.