Shickley Veterans Mural

SHICKLEY, Neb.- Shickley residents are excited about a new veterans mural in town.

The mural will eventually tie in with a veterans memorial that's going to be built just south of the mural in the downtown part of Shickley. The place where the memorial is slated to be built is just a vacant lot right now. But there is hope that by 2019, construction will be begin.

"The mural is a collage of different things associated with veterans," Shickley village board member Bart Brinkman said. "The headstones are associated with Arlington Cemetery. There are airplanes, and those are associated with the Tuskegee Airmen, and there is an oval featuring four branches of the military." There are also silhouettes that focus on various wars, including Korea, Vietnam, World War I and World War II.

This mural is done by a Shickley graduate named Sarah Swartzendruber who is now an art teacher at Palmyra. "Everybody is just amazed at the job she did, and her signature is on the lower left corner there," Brinkman said. Swartzendruber is no stranger to making murals. She painted a mural on the opposite side of the street from the veterans mural back in 2006. That mural commemorates the history of the community.

When you are in the downtown area of Shickley, you realize that the town is quite vibrant. There are a number of stores, and there is a nice downtown grocery store. The town also has its own K-12 school system. As far as the new veterans mural is concerned, residents say it's a great addition to town. "All small towns are looking to stay healthy and vibrant, and this just kind of helps us prove that fact that we are still here, alive, healthy and we keep on moving forward," Brinkman said.