Shopping at the Tarnished Halo

You don't have to travel to the big city to find that perfect gift, or have a great cup of coffee. A store in Bridgeport offers all of that.

As we travel around the state of Nebraska, we are discovering on Pure Nebraska there are many unique boutiques and stores popping up on small town main streets. The Tarnished Halo is an example of that. It's been around for 18 years. It's owned by Angie Lapaseotes. Her husband runs a cattle operation, and she handles the retail business in town. "My sister and I were originally business partners," Lapaseotes said. "We bought the flower and gift shop across the street. We did the flowers and gifts for about three years across the street, and then my husband and I bought the building here, remodeled it, and added a coffee bar. In a small town, you have to be diversified, and we feel we kind of feed a niche that everybody needs."

The Tarnished Halo certainly offers something for everyone. The store has cards, gifts, and of course a coffee bar. "We draw a lot of people from Scottsbluff, Gering, Sidney, Alliance, Oshkosh, they all come here. It's a nice hub where all of the highways meet," Lapaseotes said. The name "Tarnished Halo" comes from the owner and her sister when they were business partners. "We originally started with a craft business, and we did a Christmas open house. We both collect angels, but our halos aren't totally shiny. So that's how we came up with the name!" Lapaseotes said.

The business in Bridgeport creates some employment opportunities in town. "I have about 10 part-time employees. I've got one or two that are approaching full-time," Lapaseotes said. "It's a good trio here of flowers, gifts, and coffee." You can check out the Tarnished Halo on Facebook, or just drop in the store sometime.