Shots fired, lives changed

Published: Nov. 6, 2017 at 2:51 PM CST
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Nearly two years ago, three Lincoln Police Officers were involved in a deadly shootout with an armed suspect. The incident left the 29-year-old suspect dead, two officers shot, and sent all three LPD members on a path to recovery. For the first time, two of those officers, Angela Sands and Brad Junker, talk about the incident, and share their story with 1011 News.

Broken. A term used by Lincoln Police Officer Angela Sands to represent her emotional state following a cold, deadly night in a Lincoln neighborhood.

Sands, now the Public Information Officer for the Lincoln Police Department, had been on the force for three years when she took a bullet to the chest outside a home near 73rd and Adams streets.

Without the protection of a Kevlar vest, it is likely her story would have to be told a different way.

She recalled the events of the frigid night with precision – a story undoubtedly looped in her mind without relief.

From the initial call, to the deadly conclusion, Sands remembered.