Camp Lookout offers a window to the past

Visitors can get a glimpse of what life might have been like in Sidney in the late 1800's with a visit to the renovated "Camp Lookout".

We recently visited with Kathy Wilson, who is with the "Boot Hill Committee" in Sidney. The group acquired the building which is believed to be the oldest building in Sidney.

"As they began the Transcontinental Railroad coming across the country, the Army followed the railroad workers to protect them," Wilson said. "So when they came here, it was a camp. It ultimately became a fort. Camp Lookout became a guard station for Fort Sidney, as the soldiers could overlook the railroad tracks, and where the depot was."

For years, the building had fallen into disrepair. Now, the limestone has been resurfaced, the balcony has been redone, and everything has been renovated specific to the time period of when the building would have been used. It's believed the building would have been in use around 1867. The interior of Camp Lookout has also been renovated. "The work was unbelievable," Wilson said. "We took out all of the electricity, all of the plumbing, and brought it back to original."

Inside, you can see what things might have looked like in the 1800's. There's actually some teeth in the wall. "They used hair, bone or whatever to bind the plaster together," Wilson said. "A tour group noticed that there was teeth and a jawbone in the wall." That wall is being left "as is", so visitors get a chance to see what it used to look like.

You are encouraged to stop by Camp Lookout for a tour. It might be a great stop on your summer road trip.