Simplified food expiration labels on the horizon

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Lincoln, Neb. - Food expiration labels are about to get a lot easier to read. Two of the nation's largest grocery store trade groups The Food Marketing Institute and The Grocery Manufacturers Association are pushing to decrease the variation in food expiration labels.

Right now, when purchasing food one can find up to ten different labes. These vary from "best by," "sell by," use by," and more. The companies hope that many food packaging cooperation's will voluntarily agree to only use two types of labels, "use by" and "best if used by."

Grocery shopper Lisa Herrmann said, " It's going to give me more information. Right now I just pick something up that says "Sell by" but I have no idea its "Use by" when it's "Use by."

The two associations hope that by the Summer of 2018 most companies will be using just these two labels.

Food specialists also say that in the majority of cases spoiled foods are harmless to your safety but may just leave you with a sour aftertaste.