Small Town Movie Theater Offers Big Advantages

GENEVA, Neb.- If you are looking for a memorable and affordable night out, then try a visit to the Geneva movie theater.

The theater is located inside the city auditorium, and it's called the "Rialto II". "We are a strictly volunteer theater, that way we don't have to pay help, and we can keep our prices down," movie theater manager Cyndy Callenius said. For $4, adults can attend, kids 8th grade to Kindergarten are $3, seniors 60 and over are $3, and preschoolers are free. "Get an adult combo which is two large pops and a large popcorn and 16-bucks later you've got the evening filled," Callenius said.

Volunteers keep the movie theater open, and when the theater is running, it's operated by "teams" of volunteers. Those teams are assigned to make sure someone is available and on duty. The concession stand is a great part of the theater. "We sell buckets of popcorn for $20, and then for the rest of the year you can bring it in and fill it for $2," Callenius said. "We have people that come in and fill it and then just go home and watch TV," Callenius said.

The theater draws people from York, Seward, Clay Center, Sutton and of course Geneva. Callenius says her organization has done quite a bit to upgrade the theater. They've added new curtains, they've put in new chairs, and there's a new digital projection system now. "So we had to buy a $75,000 projector. And within 3 months we had enough money thanks to the community, because they are very supportive," Callenius said.

The Rialto II movie theater is open on the weekends, and the auditorium part of the building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.