Small businesses use punch card to get shoppers into their stores

Published: Nov. 24, 2017 at 7:37 PM CST
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13 businesses are taking a fun and unique approach to small business Saturday.

"If you start off at Golden Rod Bakery they will give you a punch card and anytime you shop at any of the local businesses over there, they'll punch your card, and then you'll be entered into drawing for prizes, raffles, all sorts of fun things," said Diane Cooper, owner of Cooper & Co. and The Basket Bunch.

Customers aren't required to buy anything, just do something silly in each store. This includes taking a selfie with the neon sign at Golden Rod Bakery and smelling a candle at The Basket Bunch.

Diane's stores are run by three generations of women, Diane, her mother and her two daughters.

Her youngest daughter Natalie is the manager of Cooper & Co. and her older daughter Shane manages The Basket Bunch.

Friday was Anne Marie Rye's first time in Cooper & Co.

"We love all the boutique shopping it gives back to that small business back to the community and they always have great deals too and it's such a cute store," she said.

Diane's daughter's said she started off gift wrapping in their basement. But, she ran out of space quickly so she opened The Basket Bunch in 1999. But, then she ran out of space there and wanted to expand her business to home decor so she opened Cooper and Co.

"She actually started making baskets at the farmer's market and I would go down every Saturday to the farmer's market with her," said Natalie.