Smoking meat for 40 years and still going strong

Published: May. 9, 2019 at 7:13 PM CDT
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Bob Voss will quickly admit that he didn't know anything about smoking meat when he graduated from Lincoln Southeast High School in 1970.

But once he got to know more about it...he discovered that smoking meat was an excellent fit for his talents.

The walls at the 27th and Pine Lake Super Saver reflect Bob's ability to smoke meat to perfection, "I take a lot of pride in being creative and being unique. I want to do that for our company because I don't want to be everybody else."

After 40 years in the industry and after having won more than 200 awards, Smokin' Bob says he is far from done smoking meat, "It's always different there's always something new on the forefront and I'm working real hard for my 50 years...I've got ten to go but I'm doing alright."

Even at the age of 67, Bob sees no end to his meat smoking career, "Who knows what advancements or changes in spices are going to be, I want to be there for it, this is just what I do."