Snow & ice creating roof problems

Published: Mar. 5, 2019 at 4:37 PM CST
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The crazy Winter weather we've seen here in Lincoln is proving costly for many families.

Although snow and ice can be harmless, it also can create problems for a lot homeowners.

The melting snow and cold temps are creating icicles on roofs all over Lincoln, creating headaches for some homeowners like Jim Schurr.

"This winter, all of a sudden we have something that we've never seen before here,” said Jim Schurr.

Jim says he's never had any problems with his roof before, but a build up of ice and snow is creating leaks in his kitchen.

10 years ago, Schurr says they added sheet metal to the roof to add protection.

But with the crazy Winter weather, it doesn't stand a chance.

"More snow and rain and ice it's, yes, it's got to be the Winter,” said Schurr.

Roofing Service Company brought out its equipment to help Schurr with the problem, the owner says he's busier than ever this Winter with gutters full of ice, leading to ice dams.

"Then as we come into it starts to thaw more, you get more water and if that ice is backed up far enough, it can push that water into the home,” said Roofing Service Company Owner, Travis Kerner.

The Roofing Service Company uses a steamer to melt the ice and clear the gutters, preventing future build-up.

Kerner says you can use a roof rake to help stop this problem before snow turns to ice and requires professional help.

"Nobody wants to have wet ceilings, damage to sheet rock, insulation, people start kicking around the mold word, things like that,” said Kerner.

If you're experiencing leaks, the Roofing Service Company says a job like this could cost you anywhere from $500 to $1,000.

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