Snow creates challenges for LFR

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - We've already seen more than 3 feet of snow this season - that's 36 inches.

And it's not over yet.

But Lincoln Fire and Rescue says it's making it tough for crews, which could impact response times when you need them the most.

LFR says when its crews have to access a hydrant at an emergency, it usually means they are dealing with a pretty big fire.

But it says when its crews show up to a fire and find a buried hydrant, it can take crucial minutes away from their job.

Although it's not required by the city, LFR is asking you to take a few extra minutes to make their lives easier.

"When it snows if you can try to do your best to keep is shoveled free, make sure that all of the caps are accessible and if possible if you could shovel a path to the street, that's good,” said Engine 6 Captain, Carl Campbell.

LFR also wants to remind people to make sure your house number is visible.

It says snow can cover numbers on mailboxes, making it hard for crews to find an address in an emergency.

LFR also says you should always pay attention because even if you clear snow off of a hydrant, they could get re-buried from plows or snow blowers.