Snowy side streets frustrate homeowners

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Although Lincoln saw 5.1 inches of snow at the airport earlier this week, the city says their measurements didn't make it to the 4 inch requirement to plow residential streets.

Something that left many of our viewers wanting answers.

The city says aside from the 4 inch requirement, there are up to eight factors they also consider.

Including how long it snows, the temperature before during and after the storm and amount of compacted snow already on the streets.

The city's main streets are no problem, but in residential areas its another story.

"It's just a pain in the butt,” said David Bilyeu.

Snow packed and slick, 10/11 NOW spoke to many people in Lincoln about how the roads are creating problems for drivers.

"The only problems I have seen are people getting side-swiped or people losing control of their vehicle,” said Jason Buckner.

"I’ve helped several times, people with smaller cars high centered on that ridge trying to get out of this street,” said Bilyeu.

Bilyeu says he's seen many issues on his street after the last snow.

He says he used to clear the street with his snow blower, but was told it was illegal.

With more snow on the way this weekend, 10/11 NOW Meteorologist Brad Anderson says things could get worse.

"If you already have some icy conditions in the residential you're going to get snow on top of that. So it could be tough going Saturday night into Sunday morning,” said Meteorologist, Brad Anderson.

10/11 NOW asked the city if it will plow residential areas this weekend if we get more snow piled on top of whats already covering roads.

The city didn't respond to that question.

"You know it seems like they have enough money, they probably should,” said Buckner.

The city told 10/11 NOW last week, it has a $4 Million budget and as of 10 days ago, it told 10/11 NOW it was about half-way through its money.

That didn't include the two most recent storms.

Bilyeu says there's no excuse and he hopes to see crews out this weekend.

"It sure sucks when you've got to drive on it. I sure as heck hope they plow it. And do it well,” said Bilyeu.