Southeast Community College transitioning to semester system

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LINCOLN, Nebr. (KOLN) Southeast Community College is preparing to make the big transition from its current 10-week academic quarters to a 16-week semester system.

Officials at the college say about 90 percent of higher education institutions already run on the semester system. So, changing from quarters to semesters will benefit students who are looking to transfer credits to a four-year institution.

The change will also help the College line up schedules with The Career Academy next door, and other high schools who partner to provide dual-credit classes for their students.

Today, students are still focused on the studies before them this quarter. But the change to semesters will make it important that all students check their transcripts.

"We've been working through a lot of advising for each of the programs," says Bev Cummins, the vice president of student services on the Lincoln campus. "We are consistently meeting with students as much as we can to make sure they are prepared."

Recruiters from local four-year colleges are also happy about the move to the semester system at SCC.

"A 4.5 credit hour class here at SCC is typically equivalent to a three hour class at Wesleyan, but when they are both three credit hours, it will make it so much easier for the student to understand," says Denice Archer, a recruiter at Nebraska Wesleyan.

Current students, while there are some complications, seemed to understand why the transition is a good thing for the College.

"I was planning on graduating a little sooner, but with the transferring over to semesters that pushed me back just a bit, but it's not a big deal," says Clio Spangler, who is studying the arts.

"Honestly, it's a good idea for Southeast Community College to do this for everyone," says Alfonso Meza III.

When the spring quarter ends at SCC on June 11, no classes will be offered on any of the Lincoln campuses this summer, and a full slate will return -- in semester form -- on August 28. Registration for the fall term begins April 8th.