Southwest Nebraska Winter Wheat Outlook

We recently visited the International Wheat Center to get an update on the winter wheat crop in Southwest Nebraska.

Jon talked with Extension Educator Strahinja Stepanovic. "This year we had a specific type of scenario where we had virtually no rain from mid-August to mid-September, and then we had a projected storm coming in the last week of September," Stephanovic said. "So alot of farmers tried to plant the wheat in the dry ground before the rain. Not all the acres got planted before the rain, and then after the rain farmers didn't get a chance to get in the field for a while, so there was a lot of late planting," Stepanovic said.

Stepanovic said it will be interesting to see how the wheat crop does with the challenges of the fall planting season. Farmers are also hoping for some snow to cover the winter wheat to avoid any winter kill problems.

Stepanovic says he is seeing a drop in wheat acres due to poor wheat prices. But he says there are a number of family farmers who see the benefits of using wheat as a rotational crop. "A corn crop does a lot better in wheat stubble than it does corn on corn," Stepanovic said. He believes there will still be a number of farmers keeping wheat in their rotation.