Speeding Tickets by the Numbers: LPD gives out more than 6,904 tickets so far this year

Published: Dec. 2, 2019 at 6:35 PM CST
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Blame it on being late to work, a family emergency or your lead foot.

Odds are you've probably ended up with a ticket.

"It's probably one of our biggest problems," Sgt. Michael Muff with the Lincoln Police Department said.

If so, you're one of 6,904 people ticketed by the Lincoln Police Department between January 1 and October 30 of this year for speeding.

10/11 NOW looked into that speeding ticket data to find out more about the thousands of tickets given out each year.

- The top locations for getting speeding tickets are on 48th street between Bancroft avenue and Stockwell street. Tied for second is Vine street between 37th and 40th street and A street between Twin Ridge Road and Broadmoore Drive.

- The ticket given out most often is for going 11-15 miles per hour. 3,800 people have gotten that ticket.

- 648 people have been caught speeding in school zone

- The highest speeding ticket was for going 88 in a 40 mile per hour zone while racing.

Though, that's not the highest Sgt. Muff has ever seen.

"I've written 141 on Highway 2," Muff said.

Traffic officers decide where to run radar based on complaints from people or high-accident areas.

"If we go there four a couple days in a row at the same time, then we'll go there again and people will be going slower, they know we're there," Muff said.

Muff said it actually ends up impacting the number of accidents too.

"Because while they're looking for us," Muff said. "They're also looking for other cars, other problems in the area and then they're going slow enough that they can stop if there's an issue."

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