Spring cleaning season with professional organizers

Published: Apr. 30, 2019 at 10:18 PM CDT
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During a long, seemingly endless Nebraska winter you may be guilty of not planning for that spring cleaning session.

With the warmer weather here, groups like professional organizers are seeing an uptick in business.

"The Midwest, it has taken a while to kind of catch on for people to understand what home organizers do," said Emily Hulse, who is a professional organizer for her business Everything Organized.

Spring cleaning takes on a whole new meaning to professional organizers, who take time not only to clean space but also to organize and minimize.

"Along with spring cleaning comes the organizational piece too,” said Hulse. “Not just kind of you know doing a deep clean in rooms, really taking time to sort through your items."

Hulse has owned her own professional organizing business for the past year. She says that come spring time people usually need her helping hand for commonly cluttered areas.

"The pantry is really popular, that is one that i think that we tend to struggle to keep organized, also bedroom closets or linen closets," said Hulse.

Organizing session times can vary, Hulse says it all depends on what the start and end goal is, and how involved a client wants to be.

"It might take a couple hours, maybe on some closets, or pantries or it might be a couple days with some longer sessions just depending on the needs of that client," said Hulse.

Hulse says her end goal is to make a space feel more livable, not just more bearable.

"Your space is functional and efficient, and that saves you time and energy, and money as you have less clutter you’re able to enjoy your space more," said Hulse.

Organizing sessions are usually priced on an hourly rate, which ranges in the Lincoln and Omaha area from about $30 to $50 dollars.

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