Stained Glass Windows a Highlight at Beatrice Church

BEATRICE, Neb.- We enjoy touring churches in our rural communities and we found a beautiful one in Beatrice.

Christ Church Episcopal is marking its 145th anniversary this year. Jon Vanderford talked with Stephanie Perkins about the history of the church. "This church we are in was founded in 1890. Prior to that, in 1873, there was a wooden church that stood here," Stephanie said. The architecture is considered Gothic, and there are amazing wooden beams across the sanctuary ceiling. "I'm still trying to imagine how the parishioners were able to put these up with horse-drawn trolleys," Stephanie said.

"The stained glass windows in the church are really what make this church so wonderful," Stephanie said. Most of the windows are some kind of memorial gift, and six of the windows have been documented as "Tiffany" windows. One of the windows above the altar dates back to 1890. There is also a unique stained glass window in the entry way to the church. It was the desire of a parishioner named Jane Coffin to have a stained glass window that tells about the history of Gage County. So the window features the story of the homesteaders, and it also features pictures of local landmarks and familiar buildings in the area.

The church also features a chapel that was built in 1916, the parish hall was added in 1928, and there is a rectory that was built in 1951. In 1991, a committee worked to get the church on the National Register of Historic Places.