State Fair daily ride inspections help keep fairgoers safe

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb, -- Screams, laughs, and smiles light up the midway at the State Fair.

But one thing some people don't know or see is what it takes to keep things running safely.

Wade Shows is the company that operates the midway. Day in, day out, they make sure thousands of fairgoers stay safe while enjoying the rides.

"Operators check each ride daily about an hour or two hours before we open," Wade Shows Midway Supervisor Todd Eich said. "They go through and make sure all the pins are pinned, all the keys are keyed, and everything is placed properly and locked in tight."

Each ride has its own safety checklist, and officials said employees are well-trained.

"Our operators and some of our staff attend certification classes and that keeps us updated on the newer safety checks," Eich said.

Supervisors are on-site to also make sure rides operate safely.

"We have plenty of supervisors out here that maintain and manage our rides," Wade Shows Ride Supervisor Todd Robertson said. "Each one will have a group of rides that they make sure they take care of."

If there are issues with a ride, the staff are ready to fix it.

"Each of our employees that are trained to inspect a ride are trained to know if it's something that we call a simple fix," Robertson said. "If it's a minor adjustment, they can take care of it."

Wade Shows said they want fairgoers to know the fair is a safe place with a lot of new things for everyone to enjoy.

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