State Senators plan to give veterans income tax break

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - The Nebraska state legislature voted unanimously on a bill to give military veterans a 50 percent tax break on their military retirement pay from the state income tax.

Source: KOLN

The bill was introduced by Sen. Tom Brewer in 2018, but stalled after going through the Revenue committee.

A Nebraska 20-year veteran said providing a tax break for veterans is something several Nebraska veterans need.

"I would say it makes me feel like my time serving was worth it, but it's not that. I came from a military family. I always felt it was my obligation to serve this country," veteran Carl Munford said.

He also said several veterans are leaving Nebraska to get better benefits from nearby states.

According to senators who support the bill, Nebraska was the only state to have a decrease in military retirees in 2018.

Munford said several Nebraska veterans are living in their cars because the income tax is high.

"I think it would help prove to me that the state of Nebraska is grateful for our service more than they actually show," he said.

The bill was voted 46-0 in approval at general filing and goes to Enrollment and Review initial to make any changes necessary.