State has more than 1 million jobs for 13 straight months

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - While the state saw overall employment growth, certain sectors saw larger increases.

The Department of Labor said employers from the increasing technology and hospitality sectors are pulling skilled workers from other fields.

According to Commissioner John Albin, the Department of Labor developed ways to get skilled workers into high demand fields.

"It's like okay. I know you been working in this and you really like this, but you know what you can do that over there too and there's a stronger demand for jobs," said Albin. "So we encourage them to move into those new areas," he added.

Workers can get connected to these jobs using assessment tests through applications like the approved training program. In this program, workers can draw unemployment benefits while in school, training for a new industry,

The Department of Labor said through the skills assessment tests and one-on-one sessions with counselors, the state wants to help people identify career paths they didn't know they qualify for.

According to the state agency, the construction and financial sectors saw the most growth, but Commissioner John Albin says for those looking to get in the tech industry, the silicon prairie is booming.

"If you go down to the Haymarket and you look at the Hudl building that's going up, there's definitely a strong demand for information technology workers in the state of Nebraska," said Albin.

According to the commissioner, there are 1500 tech jobs just waiting for skilled tech workers in Omaha alone and more in Lincoln.