State decides on roundabout at Hwy 6/Adams Central Road

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HASTINGS, NE (KSNB) The Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) has completed its review of public comments and study on the U.S. Highway 6 (US-6) and Adams Central Avenue project and determined that a roundabout is the needed transportation improvement to address current safety and
congestion concerns at the intersection.

“Majority of the comments stress that they wanted to slow traffic down and they were worried about the congestion at the intersection,” NDOT District 4 Engineer Wesley Wahlgren said.

The project need is based on the history of crashes at this intersection, as well as to address the additional traffic volumes within the area since the completion of the new elementary school.

The NDOT conducted a public information meeting on November 13, 2018 to share information regarding the three transportation alternatives being considered for the intersection. In addition, over the past year the
NDOT has held meetings with stakeholders to better understand how the intersection functions.

Of the 78 individuals who submitted comments about the project during the comment period, a few common themes emerged, including the need to slow down traffic near the intersection and the need to alleviate traffic congestion during peak traffic times before and after school.

Being on a busy highway, some trucking companies are concerned about having to slow down and navigate the turns. Pavelka Trucking uses the road multiple times a week to pick up loads in gibbon.

“And I think one of the biggest thing is school is closed three months out of the year,” Vice President of Pavelka Trucking Inc. Dwight Dunsworth said. “The rest of the time I understand the need for safety at that intersection but it has an effect on people year round.”

Overall, those involved shared that improved safety and congestion reduction were the two most important factors of improving the current intersection.

The roundabout would have the highest safety benefit when compared to the other alternatives.

The project is estimated to cost $3.3 million and will be split-funded, with the state paying for nearly 60% and Adams County and Adams Central School District providing approximately 40%. The local funding participation on this project has allowed for an accelerated construction schedule that will enable the project to start next year.

Construction of the project is anticipated to take one construction season and will begin in spring 2020 and be completed in fall 2020.

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