Steinauer Community Heritage House

If you travel to the Pawnee County community of Steinauer, consider a visit to the heritage house there.

In 2014, community residents began working on the plan to turn an old post office into a museum. The buildling was then dedicated in late 2014, and now contains many artifacts about the area.

When you walk into the Steinauer Community Heritage House, you will see Joseph Steinauer's original desk. He is the first person to run the post office in Steinauer. You can also see the original mail sorting table. "The best part of our first gallery is the Wall of Honor, that is here to honor the veterans from our area," Steinauer Community Heritage House Board Member Terry Wagner said.

In the second gallery, you discover how important education was to the people of Steinauer through the years. Up until 1966, the town had a public school, and there was a parochial school until 1972. In the second gallery, there is also a sports area, and the local churches are honored. One is St. Anothy's Catholic Church and the other is Salem United Church of Christ.

Heritage house board members are working to make history interactive in Steinauer. Several locations in town have signs with QR codes on them. You can take your phone and swipe over the QR code to see a video about the location. The videos often feature local people talking about the history of the site. There is also a brochure that you can get that also has the QR codes in it. "This is the first system like this in Pawnee County, and we are very proud of it," Wagner said.

During your trip to Steinauer, check out St. Anthony's Catholic Church, Salem United Church of Christ, the Heritage House, and then perhaps stay overnight at the Convent House Bed and Breakfast.