Steps to take for weather preparedness

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HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - The next several days look to hold severe weather across the plains almost every day through the weekend into early next week. Some will be affecting Nebraska, with tomorrow and Friday holding the greatest threat.

With that in mind, it's a good idea to check how ready you and your family are for it. Adams County Emergency Manager Ron Pughes listed many things to have at the ready, including food and water for 3 days per person, flashlights with batteries, a NOAA weather radio, and a pair of shoes. You can put this in a duffel bag and in your basement or most interior room of the lowest floor of your home.

Pughes also says that having some pillows and blankets to make it comfortable is an added bonus. Bringing games to the area can make for a good distraction as well, especially for those who may be afraid of storms. Parent's tone and reaction to warnings can be a signal to younger children. "It is a scary deal. But calming, and using calm tones. Take a game down there and play a game. A lot of times, kids will realize they're in the basement, but if they realize they're in a shelter, they're going to think of something like harm is coming."

Remember over the next couple days the difference between a watch and a warning. A "watch" is usually issued before widespread activity ramps up. It is usually issued for many counties across a state, and it indicates that the conditions are ripe for severe weather to come together over the next few hours. The "ingredients" are there, but haven't combined yet. Once they do, and the threats are imminent, that is when a "warning" is issued. This means that the conditions are happening and could pose a danger within a much smaller area, and are issued on a storm-by-storm basis.

An important thing to keep in mind is that not everyone will see the worst conditions, but it's always better to have things ready if and when severe weather comes knocking.

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