Storm leaves farm south of Phillips in shambles

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Phillips, Neb. (KSNB) - UPDATE --
Thursday's night storm left a path of destruction throughout Central Nebraska.

Storm damage at the farm of Carol & Greg Schuster near Phillips, NE. (Source: Kelly Trumble)

One family South of Philips was hit pretty badly. It will probably take weeks for it to be all cleaned up.

The land, some hog barns, shop buildings, grain angers, a combine and even the house received damage. The wind even carrying items from his farm over onto his neighbors land, destroying property.

Just pulling up on South C road the destruction was evident. Several pivots were destroyed in the area, fying debris from nearby farms putting them out of commission.
Debris hanging on trees and hog farm barns demolished.

Hours was spent, pulling, gathering, lifting and placing piles and piles of rubbage. Just about every acre of the 40 acre farm was left in shambles.

The owner says its easier to keep track of what survied rather than what was destroyed.

"Basically, it left my house, my grain bins and one machine shed. I haven't left the farms since I got back but my neighbors have been telling me that there is some of my insulation and tin about seven, seven and a half miles away," Gregg Schuster, Farm Owner.

Neighbors and their machines made their way to help out. Schuster says he is grateful that no one was hurt and for the generous help of his neighbors.

Also causing him concern is what to do with all the mess once it is cleaned up. He says due to changes from the EPA you can't just burn everything.

If you have some free time this weekend, Schuster says they can still use some help cleaning up.


A farm near Phillips, Neb. took a beating by strong winds overnight. The National Weather Service said winds more than 50mph were recorded.

Kelly Trumble said her parents, Carol & Greg Schuster, weren't home at the time the storm came through. When they came home they found three hog barns and two shop buildings destroyed.

Cleanup is already underway Friday with the help of neighbors.

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Storm damage at the farm of Carol & Greg Schuster near Phillips, NE. (Source: Kelly Trumble)