Strider Bike Racing Returns

Published: Jun. 10, 2017 at 12:03 PM CDT
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The Strider Cup Race was held in Lincoln today, the event is based all around Strider bikes. Strider bikes are known as balance bikes, they replace training wheels for children. This is the best way kids can learn to ride, according to Leslie Prevish, who helped run the event today.

Strider bike racing is mainly targeted at toddlers; this helps them learn how to ride bikes even when they are still in diapers.

The youngest biker this morning was Roman Hirt from Lincoln, Nebraska. Roman was only 18 months old, and he got on his first Strider bike 6 months ago. Roman has now been on a Strider for over half his life…

There was hundreds of kids and their parents who showed up this morning to be apart of a healthy event for the entire family. This is the second time Lincoln has hosted the National Strider Cup Race, and after the turn out today they hope to continue this event in our Capitol City.