String of car break-ins in West Lincoln area

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - A Lincoln woman says she is angry and disgusted after her car was broken into outside of a West Lincoln apartment complex and she may not be the only one.

A Lincoln woman is trying to get the word out after her car was broken into (Source: KOLN).

10/11 NOW spoke with the victim who says she takes pride in her car and made sure to lock it and keep valuables out of sight but apparently that wasn't enough.

And she says many others in her area are having similar experiences.

Kristine Dierking says she has always parked under a light and has locked her car doors to try and deter thieves but that didn't stop someone from breaking in.

"I looked out at my car and I saw both windows on that side, were totally broken out,” said Dierking.

Photos show what Dierking woke up to last week.

Glass shards were everywhere and only her change was missing but they did a lot of damage.

"They had rummaged through my glove box and then the interior box, it was just a mess,” said Dierking.

She says later she discovered her work-bag sitting next to the dumpsters.

Dierking says she's not the only one, a man who lives across from her apartment complex also had his car broken into the same night.

And others in the area have posted to social media videos of similar break-ins.

"They just don't understand, what they're doing, they don't have any comprehension, how much that costs us,” said Dierking.

She says the vandals have been caught on camera. She believes most of the video involves young kids and teenagers.

"What I'd like to say to any parents in the neighborhood if they notice any new electronics, any ear buds, any phones, to really take note of that and do the right thing,” said Dierking.

She says now she's had to buy a garage spot, something that will cost her more every month on top of fixing her car and paying rental car gas.

And she hopes something like this, won't happen to anyone else.

If you have any information on this car break-in or any others in the area you are urged to call Lincoln Police or Lincoln Crime Stoppers.