"Strong Fathers, Strong Families" program had a strong turnout in G.I.

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - Science, education and dads, those are all of the ingredients needed for the Grand Island Public School "Stronger Fathers, Stronger Families" Program.

The program took place Monday evening at Dodge Elementary School.

Many sons and daughters stood proud to bring their dads to the event, it was quality time that couldn't be measured.

Nalyen Figueroas attended the event with her dad, Emilio, she had this to say, "Me and my dad having lots of fun. I love my dad so much and he treats me with love and kindness and he loves me back."

Organizers for Strong Fathers, Strong Families says they have plenty of facts to support how a dad's involvement actually helps a child succeed.

"What we know is when dads get engaged in a child's education they are more likely to get A's and B's, less likely to repeat a grade, their reading scores go up and their verbal skills increase," said J. Michael Hall, Strong Fathers, Strong Families.

They made a believer out of Tom and Avery.

"They talked about how a father being involved in a child's education and how it raises their self esteem, their confidence and their ability to achieve, so as a father it was my duty to come." said Tom Cobler, Dad.

The program is offered in English and Spanish.

Monday night was science night so there were a lot of hands on demonstrations, flying airplanes and learning about air pressure and gravity.

Jennifer Worthington, GIPS Chief of Innovation and Engagement expresses her excitement for the program.

"It's been so much fun to watch the students and their parents/fathers interact with each other. Sometimes parents are a little timid at first or act silly but once they get comfortable you can just see them change and see how excited they are."

Grand Island Public Schools introduced the program this school year to the elementary schools.

Although the program is called "Strong Fathers, Strong Families, they do not discount the role that a mom plays in a child's education. They say it works best when both parents are involved and moms as well as grandparents are welcome to the event.

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