Sultan's Kite opening south Lincoln location

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LINCOLN, Neb. Fans of Greek food and gyros will have a new place to tryout in south Lincoln.

Sultan’s Kite Mediterranean Restaurant near 14th Street and Pine Lake Road is expected to open its new location in March.

It’ll feature a bigger space than its downtown O Street location. And the south Lincoln location will also have a drive-thru.

The owner said the new location is a good spot for the restaurant.

“Lincoln is a very nice town, and usually people support local businesses,” said Sultan Attie, owner of Sultan’s Kite. “We have a niche in the market so I think things will be good.”

He said customers don’t have to worry about a menu change, the food will stay exactly the same from their O Street location.

“We don’t do anything too difficult, just making it simple. It’s easy for customers to choose and easy for us to make it,” he said.

The restaurant will have a soft opening at the end of February and hope to open by March 1.