Sumatran tigers coming to Lincoln Children's Zoo in 2019

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LINCOLN, Neb. – Lincoln Children's Zoo will be getting two young Sumatran tiger brothers from the San Diego Zoo in 2019.

The brothers, aged 2 and a half and 2, come from different litters but both were born in San Diego.

The population of Sumatran tigers in the wild is estimated to be 500.
With fewer than 90 in captivity, they are the most endangered tiger species in the world.

“Saving animals from extinction has been at the forefront of our work for decades and the opportunity to take part in Sumatran tiger conservation is something that our Zoo and community will be proud to be part of,” President & CEO John Chapo said.

Their habitat will include hand-sculpted rock-work, a flowing stream and an interactive viewing area that brings guests up-close to the tigers.

The tigers will arrive in Lincoln in the Fall in advance of the expansion opening in 2019.

The early arrival gives them time to explore their new home and give zookeepers an opportunity to get to know these animals.

“These are amazing animals that we hope our guests get a close look at and form a bond with. We hope to inspire guests to support conservation efforts to save them,” Chapo said. “These tigers will further our mission of connecting people with critters and nature.”