Superior Movie Theater Positioned for the Future

Many small towns hold their movie theaters in high regard. Superior is no different. The Crest Theater in Superior dates back to the 1950's. "We don't get as many people as we did when we were younger cause they have other avenues to watch movies, but we still get a good crowd," Southern Nebraska Arts Council member Susan Anderson said. Recently, the Southern Nebraska Arts Council has worked with the community to make improvements.

"We purchased enough chairs through a funding, we had $27,000 we received through donations from the chair fund to get new chairs," Susan said. "But we ended up finding a theater in Omaha that was closing, and they had the chairs we were looking at. They would sell them for $50 a chair, so we were able to get enough of them to do both cinemas. And, we have enough money to do the curtains on the wall in one cinema and enough to do the other one."

More improvements have already taken place, including a new roof, new windows, and a new digital projector. Since there are two cinemas, one of the theaters is ready, while the other still needs work. The hope is to raise more money for another digital projector and sound system. Supporters plan to keep working to raise more funds through local fundraisers, because they say the Crest is important to the town. "For a small town, it's something for the kids to do as well as the adults. And with a bowling alley, and a skating rink in town, keeping this movie theater running just helps to enhance the quality of life for residents of Superior.