Surprising store in a small town

If you are traveling through Johnstown on Highway 20, you might want to time your trip so you can experience the Sandhills Sage.

When you come into town, you don't necessarily expect this store that specializes in re-purposed and up-cycled furniture and home decor. "It was a project that I was originally in on with a couple of other ladies," Pam Theis said. "Back in 2006, we bought these old buildings on main street, and we remodeled them and decided to create this store. I got Jennifer Martin involved because she's an excellent sewer. Then those three ladies dropped out. Now, Jen and her sister Hayley help me with the shop and we we are all about rehabbing old pieces and making it all work again."

The store is only open four times a year, so if you go, you'll want to check their Facebook page first to make sure the store is open. The Sandhills Sage is open spring, summer, winter and fall, for a couple of weekends at a time. The shop is different every time people come to visit.

"We re-do upholstery on chairs, we like to do end tables, we make accessories, and during the fall and winter we have gift items for decorating your house," Jennifer Martin said. "It's very quaint from the outside, we have a lot of people come and take pictures of the store from the outside," Theis said. "Then when they come inside, they are amazed."

In many ways, it looks like a store that should be in a larger city, but Theis and Martin are glad to have it in Johnstown. "I moved here with my husband. Jen is from here, so you bloom where you are planted."

Having the store open only four times a year makes the shopping experience an event. "Main street is packed, and these are one-of-a-kind items. Once they are gone, they are gone. We try not to repeat, ever."