Swedehome Church

SWEDEHOME, Neb.- We enjoy visiting rural country churches here on the program, and we recently looked inside one in Swedehome.

You could say that this church is certainly rural. Swedehome is an unincorporated village. "In Swedehome proper, why, there's only about 7 people if everyone's home," Swedehome resident Wayne Johnson joked. Johnson gave us a tour of the church, and he says although the village is small, there's still plenty of people showing up at the Calvary Lutheran Church on Sundays.

People come from Stromsburg, Osceola, Silver Creek, Polk, and Central City among other places to attend services. The church was organized in 1873. There have been three church buildings since that time.

The church features some original pieces like the pulpit, along with beautiful stained glass windows, and even a pipe organ. Johnson says the church works hard to keep people coming. "In the middle of the summer we have an ice cream social where you can come out and have great homemade ice cream," Johnson said. Now there's another reason to visit this pretty church in Polk County.