Tabitha Meals on Wheels drivers needed

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For more than 50 years and more than 4.5 million deliveries, Tabitha Meals on Wheels has been providing food and a smile to friends and neighbors all across Lincoln.
Amy Bartolome is a volunteer driver who embraces the opportunity to make a difference in her community, "It's so simple. All I have to do it be able to have a car and drive."

Amy has been delivering for Tabitha Meals on Wheels for the past six month, "I really am impressed and thankful because when I deliver these people are so grateful. And I always try to remind myself that is just one hot meal and it means the world to them."

Nearly 85% of recipients reported that a Tabitha Meals on Wheels volunteer was often the only person they see that entire day.

Michaela Johanns Young is the director of program development for Tabitha, "Tabitha Meals on Wheels is critical to the city of Lincoln, it is so important. Every day we're serving 500 meals to those who need it and without us over 70% of them would not be able to afford the cost of their meals."

If you'd like to make an impact by delivering meals to people who really need them go to