How to avoid ticket-selling scams for NEBRASKAland DAYS

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. -- NEBRASKAland DAYS is a little over two months away.

While tickets are still available, Executive Director, David Fudge, is urging caution when buying them.

There are several third-party ticketing services circulating online, scamming people by charging two to three times face value and some selling counterfeit tickets.

It's an issue that isn't just in North Platte, but is being seen nationwide.

So how do you avoid the scams when purchasing tickets?

Be aware of the websites you are buying from. A big tactic being used this year is on Facebook.

"A lot of times, on those event pages they are creating, they have a link to a ticketing website. Well, if it isn't, or our ticketing partner,, it is a third-party site. The only two places where you can get a ticket from and make sure it's okay" Fudge said.

Fudge said the best way to avoid an issue is by being aware of the website you are buying from.

Another giveaway, he said, is the name of those Facebook events, if the event isn't being referred to correctly, it is mostly likely a third-party site.

If you have a question, call the NEBRASKAland DAYS office before purchasing.

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